Saša Novak Uí Chonchúir

Green Party Councillor for Limerick City North

Candidate in Local Elections on 7th June

Councillor Saša Novak wants everyone to drive

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Green Party Councillor Saša Novak wants everyone to drive as a radical solution to congestion and pollution.

Councillor Saša Novak, who is a member of the Green Party and sits on Limerick City and County Council is proposing “Everybody Drives Day”, an alternative to Car-Free Days that are extremely common events around the world but have thus far had no impact to improving congestion, reducing pollution and making cities more liveable.

Councillor Novak, a keen driver herself, owns one car, two bikes, three scooters, a set of roller blades and a Leap card.

Traditionally, cities across the world celebrate “Car-Free Day” as a way to raise awareness about the environmental impact of cars and encourage alternative modes of transportation. But Saša Novak believes it’s time to turn the tables and give cars their day in the sun.

According to the Green Party politician, Everybody Drives Day will be very effective in combating congestion, pollution and climate change. She believes that if everyone in the world drives their car on the same day, it will result in a massive decrease in car accidents, air pollution and a substantial reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

“Car-Free Day has become too commonplace and predictable,” said Saša Novak in a statement. “That’s why I’m proposing Everybody Drives Day – a day when we celebrate the joy and freedom of driving, being on time, and having parking easily available. Cars should be allowed everywhere.”

According to the proposed plan, Everybody Drives Day would take place on the first Friday of every April. On this day, people who currently walk, cycle and use public transport would be encouraged to get behind the wheel and drive to work, school, local shop, café or wherever they need to go. The hope is that this will promote the benefits of having more cars on the road and driving short distances, while at the same time point out how inefficient public transport, walking and cycling really are.

“I intend to bring this proposal to the next Limerick Council meeting and I expect to receive cross party support,” she chirped with great conviction.

Dublin City Council’s Efficiency of Space image clearly shows how much more space cars take up on the road. Top scorers!

In a recent survey Dublin has been ranked the 12th most congested city worldwide in the 2022 Global Traffic Scorecard compiled by INRIX Inc. Cork, Galway, Limerick and Waterford were also listed on the traffic scorecard. “I think we can and absolutely should do better to reach the coveted top ranking spot. I believe Everybody Drives Day could guarantee all Irish cities to achieve the top ranking. It’s a no brainer,” Councillor Novak added with great confidence.

Some have criticised the proposal, arguing that it goes against the very principles of the Green Party. But Councillor Novak believes that it’s important to take a more nuanced approach to environmentalism: “We need to think outside the box and come up with radical solutions to the challenges we face. Everybody Drives Day is a bold step towards a greener future.”

“By promoting Everybody Drives Day, we can give our cities, towns and villages a much needed break from the overuse of bicycles, public transport, and other forms of sustainable transport,” said Saša Novak in a statement. “If every person in the world gets behind the wheel and drives on the same day, we can make a huge positive impact on the environment by increasing congestion and air pollution while at the same time making our cities more liveable and accessible. It’s a win-win,” she added.

Driving is a cheap and efficient way of getting around.

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  1. This is brilliant!
    Looking forward to seeing it in action next April 1st!
    Well done!