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Westfields, Ted Russell Park, Mayorstone Quarry: Improvements to local parks

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10 parks in Limerick are getting funding to improve amenity paths. The Council secured the funding through the NTA investment into active travel. Mayorstone Quarry, Ted Russell Park, Westfields, People’s Park and Clare Street Park are some of those and the works have already started on that group.

Ted Russell Park

The works have been completed in Ted Russell park to upgrade the crumbling paths that were damaged by roots over the years and were presenting a tripping hazard to the visitors. The damage from tree roots will be fixed and the paths will be tarmac, 2 metres wide. The ducting was laid alongside paths and while the funding isn’t available at the moment to install public lights, it was a way of futureproofing this project.

The new paths in Ted Russell Park

This pandemic has shown how neglected our public parks have become over the years. The footpaths and walking amenities in the parks have been underfunded for years. With the new focus on walking and cycling infrastructure improvements (€360 million a year commitment in the Programme for Government which was a hard fought Green Party win) the attention has finally shifted to improving our public spaces for the residents and locals.

Westfields Wetlands

Scheduled for an upgrade – Westfields

As soon as the works in Ted Russell Park are completed the contractor will move to Westfields. The paths in Westfields have narrowed over the years with the encroaching grass and the paths are almost impassable in wet weather with the standing water. The works in Westfields should be completed in the next few weeks and will include tarmac 2 metre wide paths from the side of Westfields Park all the way to Shelbourne Road, and laying ducting for the possibility of installing lighting in the future.

Mayorstone Quarry

The quarry is a fantastic local amenity for people of Mayorstone, Greystones and Clareview. It’s a green oasis great for walks, jogging, exercise, playing sports and walking dogs. It’s a small pocket of biodiversity and fresh air in the middle of the city. 

The path that leads from one gate to another is in a terrible condition at the moment. It.opens and closes with the opening schedule of Shelbourne Park. In the wintertime this is much too early, but unfortunately as there are no lights in it, it cannot be open later. It is an important route for students of LIT and for children going to many local schools. In heavy rain it is full of puddles and almost impassable. 

Currently the path is in a poor condition but will be upgraded soon.

In the middle of the Quarry there is a mass of overgrown willows that attracts illegal dumping and other illegal activities. It isn’t a safe place for children to play.

One of the first representations I received as a councillor was a request to upgrade the path between the gates and to see if anything could be done to make this green space more usable for the locals. I met with the Parks department representatives in the summer and they suggested to look into clearing some of the overgrowth and clear the path. 

However, the pandemic, the lockdowns and the limit to 5k from our homes put additional pressure on underused and underdeveloped green spaces in the city. After consulting with Mayorstone Residents Association it was agreed that an upgrade to the Quarry would be welcome. Thanks to my meetings with the council engineers earlier in the year they included the Quarry on the list of projects that will get upgraded perimeter paths to make them more accessible to a wider group of people.

In addition, a separate project was started by the council called URBACT. URBACT is a project that looks to animate and enhance greenspace from an environmental and amenity point of view with the overall objective of making them healthier spaces for residents. Upon consulting with the residents we asked for the Quarry to be included in that, along with the Mayorstone Green, where the Residents Association’s subcommittee for environment had already started some work, such as planting spring bulbs and clearing the path.

The works in Mayorstone Quarry should begin and be completed within the next 6 weeks. It will include a tarmac surface around the perimeter of the quarry, 2 metres wide, and an upgrade of the existing cross path between the two gates, also 2 metres wide tarmac. Ducting will be laid as well for the possibility of installing lighting in the future.

“We are trying to remedy a situation that for too long, our roads investment went exclusively into facilitating the private car. Limerick people deserve safe walking environments accessible to all. The new focus on infrastructure that everyone can use will have positive impacts on health, social inclusion, and our ability to attract investment to Limerick. That is my priority and that of my colleagues in the Green Party in Limerick and across the country.”

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  1. Fantastic news Sasa. Knew you were pushing hard for Mayorstone quarry. Residents here are delighted. It’s been a long time coming.